10 Reasons to Pursue Warehouse Automation

The Top 10 Benefits of Warehouse Automation

How to Justify Industrial Automation

Manufacturing and distribution have become more demanding and complex. As consumer demands increase, so do the need for operations to run more productively, efficiently and safely.

In the past, companies avoided automating their systems for multiple reasons. The biggest concern was always cost. While most operational cost have increased, automation costs have actually decreased for the most part, or at least remain steady.

If you are looking to update your current facility or building an entirely new one, stop asking, “Why do we need automation?” and consider the following benefits of automation in the workplace:

  1. Labor Shortage – With national unemployment at a decade low, many companies face the trouble of finding workers for their labor positions. The job market continues to power ahead with job creation strong across the United States. The mounting labor shortages are bound to only get worse. Proper automation can help mitigate the stark increase in labor needs.
  2. Operational Costs – Mentioned above, operational costs continue to rise while automation processing does not. Automation, whether robotics, conveyor systems, pick and place packing, AGVs, ASRS or another technology, can reduce costs for almost everything you do in your operation.
  3. Productivity – Automation allows you to increase shifts. 24 hour shifts allow companies to meet demands. No need for shift layovers or breaks. If you need to meet per-day or per-minute quotas, automation allows you to guarantee that. This is why automation is required in industries with constantly moving inventory.
  4. Inventory Control – With a known production rate, you can control the amount of inventory you need to store, produce and ship. Automation can also limit the amount of damaged inventory as well.
  5. Safety – Installing robotic systems and ergonomic lifting devices are two warehouse safety ideas that reduce workplace injuries by taking over the more dangerous tasks in your operations. Physical labor is greatly decreased with automation, mitigating injuries consistent with lifting, carrying and moving heavy loads.
  6. Customization – Your operation is unique, which requires a unique systems solution to best suit your needs. Whether you need a custom conveyor system, automated storage and retrieval system, picking and packing solutions or anything else, we specialize in making a system work to achieve your desired output.
  7. Space – Think you need to expand your warehouse or even build another one? Automation can provide you with space you didn’t realize was available.
  8. Data Collection –Automation software can give you a big edge in getting better insights into your operations. You’ll no longer wonder how automation reduces costs — real time updates on production will provide these answers in the palm of your hand.
  9. Environmentally Friendly – Use less land for your operations. Automation saves space, helps with energy consumption and simplifies waste production.
  10. Efficiency – Lastly, and maybe most importantly, automation helps a business become more efficient. Efficiency is key in every aspect of your business. Automating your operations will increase production, limit the need for labor positions that are very hard to fill and allow you to operate around the clock.

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