A new name that reflects our capabilities

For many years we have been selling material handling, packaging and scale equipment and solutions to a wide variety of customers throughout the Midwest. However, our company name never reflected our true capabilities and some customers in Nebraska were confused by the name, Riekes, due to a different company with the same name in Omaha. Thus, the creation of our new name RMH Systems.

Our goal for RMH Systems is to represent to our customers that we are not only an equipment house but have the ability to also design more complex integrated systems. We want all of our customers to know that we have the expertise and ability in house to design, install and manage material handling, packaging and scales into large integrated systems.

We believe our new brand name, RMH Systems, will strengthen our company’s efforts overall with our customers and help us communicate our brand promise to help maximize more productive, efficient and ergonomic workplaces for them. Our goal is to work with our customer’s to improve the customer’s profitability utilizing our extensive knowledge, vendor alliances and practical engineering experience.

We are looking forward to an exciting future as RMH Systems.

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