Hytrol Introduces The ProSort SS Sortation Solution

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. announced the newest addition to its ProSort conveyor line, the ProSort SS.

The ProSort SS (Sweep Sorter) is a right-angle sortation solution that sorts standard poly bags, blister packs and small packages weighing less than 8 pounds. The aftersort module can be used with the sorter to divert products on single or dual levels to the left or right.

Hytrol ProSort SS

Here are some of the highlights of the ProSort SS:

  • Dual-sided, dual-level setup conserves space and provides low-cost installation
  • Servo-driven sweep protects your products
  • Single-or dual-level chutes
  • ProLogix controls make for a quick installation process
  • Modular divert banks are easily expanded and maintained
  • Full profile paddle handles a wide range of products

If you want to read more about the ProSort SS sortation solution, check out their ProSort SS Product Focus Sheet and ProSort SS Catalog Page.

Watch the ProSort SS in action here!

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