Top Things To Consider When Buying A Crane System

Purchasing a crane system is a long-term investment. They can be expensive at first – but after considering the vastly improved operations, increased production and the overall safety of your employees – the benefits are easy to see. 

Taking the time to think through the best crane system for your facility will save you greatly in the future. It can be overwhelming and there are a lot of things to consider. Below are the things you should consider first when purchasing a crane system:

Material Handling: What are you going to be lifting? Identify your needs – Will you need to lift a variety of different items with different sizes and weights?

Crane span needed: What is the maximum requirement of the traverse or span width? Does your facility limit it? Does the mount effect the traverse needed?

Lifting Capacity: What is your maximum load? What is the size, span and height of the loads?

Service Rating: How frequent will you be using the crane? Frequency is typically determined by how many uses and at what percentage of capacity.

Speed: How fast will you need to position your loads? Do you need to be able to move at different speeds?

Facility Limitations: Consider the dimensions of the space – What is the maximum height you need for clearance? Do you have enough height in your space? What about length and width requirements? Any obstructions? Will the crane need to be free standing, wall mounted or ceiling mounted?

Technology: What technology is required? LCD screens? Remote control enabled? Safety indicators?

Budget: Identify a budget for the crane – consider over at least a 5-10 year period.

We hope this is a good start to your buying process. We would love to talk with you about your crane needs and answer any questions or concerns you may have in this process. Overhead cranes (top running and underhung), gantry cranes, jibs and workstation cranes, monorails, hoists and trolleys, intelligent lifting equipment and below hook solutions are all offered by RMH Systems.

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