What Can Manufacturers Learn From Black Friday

With Black Friday around the corner, lots of companies are upping their manufacturing and bracing themselves for the onslaught of sales that the holiday brings. Before you head out to your nearest super-store checkout these 3 things Black Friday can teach manufacturers.

1. Stay In-Tune With Your Buyers and Suppliers

  • A lot of manufacturers practice demand-driven logistics. They see a need for a product and produce more of it. In times like Black Friday that need can be much larger than usual, which may require more material and may require your buyers to find you more shelf space. Regardless of the season staying aligned with your partners can prove to be vital.

2. Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

  • Keeping your eyes on the horizon can help companies avoid any outliers that could cause manufacturers any issues. Whether it’s Black Friday or an unusually warm summer, there are trends that can significantly impact a company’s manufacturing needs.

3. Stay on Your Toes

  • Identifying trends is worthless if you can’t capitalize on them. Having a manufacturing process that is agile can help companies pivot to take advantage of trends. The best way for manufacturers to stay agile is to automate. Having processes that can speed up to fulfill higher demand while keeping the same level of quality is extremely important, and can be the difference between a manufacturer’s success or failure. If you want to look into automating your process click here.

Overall, automation can be a very useful tool for manufacturers, especially during seasons of high demand. If your company has run into issues with production and wants to automate and improve your process head over to www.rmhsystems.com or email us at sales@rmhsystems.com.

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